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Top 5 Public Access Programs You’ve Never Watched | Michelle Patnode

While you’re Keeping up with the Kardashians, I’m keeping up with my town surroundings. Newington, Connecticut: small, suburban, and smack dab in the middle of the state. That’s where you’ll find me.

Yes, my friends…it exists.  It’s called public access television.  Most towns are involved with this awesome culture stimulating invention of town news that no one gives the time of day.  

Let’s peek, shall we?

  1.  NCTV Sports

When we look at sports in Connecticut it tends to be only college sports, but what if I told you town sports matter too. High school sports teams are wildly popular in the state. Many players go on to participate in college athletics and you could have been watching their progress from high school.  


  1.  Election Coverage

Did it ever occur to you to know who is running for your State Representative? It should have. You live in your town and local politics will make a difference! These people will control the taxes and changes in your community so tune in now to stay informed.


  1.  Talk to The Mayor

Woah, say what? You can watch the mayor speak on live local television. You’ll get to know what happens on the town council (yes that’s a thing), and you’ll get to hear the Mayor, Roy Zartarian interview local guests.  


  1.  Newington Town Planning and Zoning Commission

Traffic is super annoying for commuters, but what if you could avoid it and plan your route?  Town planning and zoning keeps you up to date with construction layouts and dates so you’ll know what’s going where, when, and how.  


  1.  Connecticut Conversations

State Rep of the 27th district, local celebrity, and Connecticut Conversations host Gary Byron interviews local businesses, authors, artists, and even musicians. You can really pick up on local talent by tuning in to this program.


So why are you not up to date with public access?

Because you should be.

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1 comment on “Top 5 Public Access Programs You’ve Never Watched | Michelle Patnode

  1. Mary Elias

    I would like to begin by stating how much I loved this writer’s introduction. Mentioning the Kardashians immediately grabbed my attention and I read through the piece. This article is written with clever use of humor and wit which gave it a compelling style.

    I never gave public access television that much thought. I always thought of it as mayors and town council individuals speaking in a room. But when I read that local businessmen and artists get interviewed, I found the concept far more interesting. That makes the network sound more relatable to me which makes me give public access tv a second thought. It also makes me aware of how unaware I am about local politics.

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