Expiration Date | Kayla Mastracchio



Yellow skin ripens with age

The inner body enclosed by a cage,

The warmth of sunlight browns the skin

The intestinal fruit safe within.


One day goes by followed by two

The aging peel looks like brown mushed goo,

Full of life, time kills another

The baffling sense of what to do requires my mother.


She looks at the poor thing right there on the counter

It seems wretched next to Granny Smith’s sour,

She sighs and heads straight to the book

This routine is so everyday, I don’t even look


She peels it right there on the countertop

Throws away the remains in the garbage, plop,

I watch as she takes the tool to smash the spread

Another one left alone to be lost to banana bread.

Blue Muse Magazine is a general interest literary magazine published by the students of the English Department at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Connecticut. We publish poetry, fiction, and a gamut of creative nonfiction on anything and everything the blue muse inspires us to write.

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