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Angry Letter to Ruckus Wireless | Yasmine Mahmud

Dear Selina Lo,

I understand that your company has a decades long history dedicated to providing the best in technology for billions of people around the world. From communication to pure entertainment, your company has sworn to pursuing innovation and “enabling progress.” But as of today, the latter part is no longer true. Instead, y’all have managed to stall progress for my school.

Since my college switched Wi-Fi providers from CISCO to Cloudpath, I couldn’t have been more relieved. No more tedious bullshit in struggling to set up the network connection and having to sign in every time I logged onto my laptop. Just like being forced to sign-in just to watch one flagged YouTube video—uneccessary. All it takes is one initial sign-up and nothing more, my laptop or phone automatically connecting to my school’s Wifi network. Since I live on campus, having reliable and strong internet access is a priority, more than adequate sleep.

But in the past few years, ever since your company acquired Cloudpath Networks, the quality has gone down, lower than Donald Trump’s approval rating. Almost everyone on campus, students and professors alike, have been fed up with the fact that they’ve been disconnected from the network over and over again, for no reason. Has the Ajit Pai finally begun to strike down on Internet access?

My phone keeps getting kicked out of the network and then reconnecting to a guest server whenever I shut my phone off for a short amount of time. It’s only my phone that has a problem with the network, never my PC. The worst is when it happens while I’m trying to FaceTime my parents and either the call fails because of the network problem or it gets cut off in the middle. Like, I really don’t have the time or patience for this. I don’t want to have to use up my phone’s data, especially since my family’s data plan is a finite resource.

I’ve seen the case studies linked on your company’s website, praising the so-called high-quality service of your software. But here on my campus, it’s nothing but shit-tier software from a mediocre tech company. When I’m busy trying to take a break in between classes or from doing homework I should have done the day before, I shouldn’t have to deal with shitty Wi-Fi getting in the way of my downtime when I barely get that much of a break outside of class. When I am in class, I  rely on my phone as the means to do research, which I can’t do if the Wi-Fi is only functional for a quarter of the time. Fix your garbage-ass software or I’ll personally march over to my school’s IT department and convince them to go back to CISCO. After all, your company cares so much about “innovation,” right?


A Fed-up College Student

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