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Top 5 Places to Cry in Your Car | Alixandrea Tremont

Ever have one of those days when the stress gets to be too much? What better way to release all of those pent-up emotions than with a good cry; specifically, parking your car somewhere and crying for twenty minutes. Finals, stress at work, even problems with your significant other are nothing a good cry can’t solve, at least temporarily. So, crank up that sad Spotify playlist you’ve been saving and enjoy this list of the best places to cry in your car that Connecticut has to offer.

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  1. Valley Falls – There’s nothing better than the soothing view of nature when your world feels like it’s falling apart. Located in Vernon, just minutes away from scenic Bolton, Valley Falls offers something for everyone. Walk the trails wearing headphones and pretend you’re the singer in some sad Indie music video. Park your car in the spacious parking lot and enjoy the view of Valley Falls’ pond as you contemplate your bad life choices. The park is open year-round but be aware that the warmer months bring more families who will give you a weird look if you choose to sit in your car in the middle of the day and bawl your eyes out. There are also secluded benches along the trails for secret crying if you prefer some privacy with your breakdowns. Cry Score: Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art

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  2. Wickham Park – This beautiful park straddles the line between Manchester and East Hartford, making it accessible to anyone looking for a quick park and cry. With ten different gardens available, you can feel like the protagonist in an old-timey prairie novel as you sit among the flowers and wail your heart out about the failing crops or Paw losing his arm in the hay baler. This park is very popular with people taking formal pictures, as well as tourists who will have no problem snapping pictures of you sobbing among the gardens. Be aware that the park is only open from April to October, so be sure to schedule your breakdown accordingly. Cry Score: Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art

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  3. Rocky Neck State Park – Grab your beach chair and your trashiest novel for a good cry on the beach. This beach doesn’t look like much at first, but it will end up surprising you. The small strip of sand is perfect for walking along the beach and imagining yourself as the main character in a romantic comedy trying to decide between two eligible bachelors. The off-season, anytime from October to April, is the perfect time to walk along the beach and be in your feels without anyone judging you. The park also offers a small band of rocks leading out from the beach into the ocean, which is great for taking a bunch of old love letters and dumping them into the crashing waves below. If you’re not a fan of beaches, enjoy the spacious parking lot with a view of the campground hidden deep in the woods where only the local wildlife can witness your breakdown. Cry Score: Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art

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  4. Nicolaus Copernicus Garage – Any CCSU student looking for an isolated spot to park and cry should know about this garage. Located on the outskirts of the CCSU campus, this multilevel garage has many different floors available for parking and crying. The top floor of the garage has a great view overlooking Central’s campus so you can park and stare out at the place that is one of the main causes of your stress as you cry. The garage is open twenty-four seven to CCSU students and is isolated enough that you can avoid the risk of having someone park next to you mid-cry. Cry Score: Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art

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  5. A Dairy Queen Parking Lot – Do you like to multitask? Would you like to enjoy a refreshing ice cream cone as you watch your life fall apart around you? Then the parking lot of any Dairy Queen (#NotSponsored) is the place for you. Connecticut offers forty different locations around the state, perfect for anyone looking to binge-eat and cry. Take your delicious Blizzard to the corner of the parking lot and let loose where no one can see you. Don’t let the popularity of this chain restaurant deter you from crying in your car here—although the restaurant is only open until ten, the fluorescent lights in the parking lot are just dim enough that you won’t be able to see your tear-stained face in the rearview mirror. Cry Score: Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art Tear Clip Art


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