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Angry Letter to Marriott | Mauriah Johnson

Dear Arne Sorenson,

As the seven-year reigning President and CEO of the largest publicly traded hotel chain, it is only right to inform you that I have officially given up on your Hartford Marriott Farmington hotel.

Goodbye to all those “early bird gets the worm” shifts that you guys so graciously bestowed upon me.

Forcing this hot commodity of a Barista, in all uniformed black, to have pitchers of the three basic brews and frozen baked breakfast pastries ready in your rinky-dinky 60’s bar that transformed into the five hour lobby Starbucks and late-night Sushi home.

Every morning at 5:30, I stood there on the brink of death; inhaling the halitosis that hollered from the homophobic and racist Food and Beverage manager that your GF Management partnership decided was best qualified for the position.

Absolutely not.

Does your Marriott leadership team really believe that every black person looks the same?

Because, clearly, your well-thought-out management hires do.

Should I tell you about that one time Road Runner chased me around the entire kitchen, continuously calling me the wrong name, wondering why I wasn’t answering to the name “Shy?”

Or would you rather hear about how Halitosis would look us, African American employee’s, dead in the eyes and proceed to individually call us all the wrong name without remorse?

I mean, it’s not like the mandatory silver tags clipped on the left side of our chest says our names or anything, you know?

After my prolonged new employee training, that happened three months after I started, I’ve learned so much about the different types of Marriott branches. This Marriott, sad to say, is the worst hotel I have ever worked for.

Employees are living off minimum wage, inconsistent schedules, and no union.

Don’t believe me? Indeed’s employee reviews spill ALL the beans!

A current banquet server revealed the “higher turnover due [to] the sporadic hours.”

Meanwhile, a lovely former bartender unmasked that “while working for [the] Hartford Marriott Farmington, I witnessed people treated unfairly due to their race, and opportunities are given to those who are white.”

I know, I know.

You can’t believe it.

Now, can you imagine that instead of receiving your lavish 2019 CEO Award, you could be in Farmington, Connecticut mopping the floors and washing all the hotels dishes for just eleven dollars an hour?

You should give it a try.

Through these agonizing three months, your three-star hotel has reminded me one crucial thing: my worth; and I’d like to thank you guys for that.

In return, fire Halitosis, she’s terrible!

No longer yours truly,

A Badass Barista.

Mauriah Johnson is a staff writer for Blue Muse Magazine.








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