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Pitter-Patter | Jazer Lockhart

Pitter-Patter Pitter-Patter Pitter-Patter Pitter-Patter

Denise loves rainy nights like this one, especially since it’s pouring. She likes to sit down in front of a window and watch the raindrops race to reach the bottom. Every once in a while, she’ll place mental gambles on whichever rain drop she wants to win, and she’ll do a little dance whenever her raindrop wins. Maybe tomorrow her mother will let her play and dance in the puddles; her dad never lets her.


Although Denise enjoyed the loud pitter-patter of the rain outside, her little brother hated it. After a while, his wailing distracts Denise from her game. She hops out of her chair and makes sure to check her baby brother, checking his diaper and trying to give him a bottle, before letting out an annoyed sigh and walking back to the window. It’s never worked before, but maybe she can make the rain stop for him. Closing her eyes, she tries to will the rain to stop. 

“You always doing this!”

Denise’s concentration is broken by her mother’s voice from upstairs. She’s yelling at Daddy again. Denise can hear Daddy yelling something back, but she can’t make it out. She’s too busy trying to make the rain stop. The loud pitter-patter is making her little brother cry. So closes her eyes one more time to try to make the loud pitter-patter stop. 


Denise can hear her father’s heavy footsteps as he stomps down the stairs. Turning her head so fast her braids slap against the window, she can see her dad rush out the front door, slamming it on his way out. He didn’t have an umbrella. Won’t he get wet? What if he gets sick? Denise really needs to make the rain stop. But it’s really hard to keep her focus with her little brother crying right behind her. She goes up to him one more time to make sure he didn’t soil himself and walks back to the window. Closing her eyes, she tries to make the rain stop. 

tap tap tap tap tap 

“Denise! You ain’t hear your brother crying?”

Denise turns around to see mommy walking up to her little brother. She picks up her wailing little brother and begins to coo. Mommy’s cooing and bouncing helps a little, but her little brother keeps whimpering and clutches to mommy’s shoulders. Denise can see that her mother’s eyes are red and puffy. The rain must be messing with her allergies. She really needs to make the rain stop.

Jazer Lockhart is a second year student at CCSU

Photo Credit: Pexels.com

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